Do you Suffer from Back or Neck Pain?!!

Calm Supplement Did you know that Chiropractic Care adjustments boost your immune system up to 400%, releasing stagnant energy and creating more flexibility and movement in your spine!?

Your spine is host to your nervous system connecting to your brain, signaling parasympathetic and sympathetic reactions to your body. When your nervous system is functioning well, there is no dis-ease!

Your spine is the center of your whole being! In the spine is where we carry karmic influences, energetically speaking, which represents the planet Saturn ~ the seed of all things.  It is literally the motherboard of your body, carrying neurological wave patterns everywhere!

Regular massages and chiropractic tune-ups are a major part of self care because they stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts our body into a state of deep relaxation where it can heal itself. Massages also help with lymphatic drainage, aiding in detoxification which is a major component to healing, so together they work wonders!

Along with massages and chiropractic care, yoga works on your spine as well, keeping it flexible, your body youthful, and your mind free of unnecessary thoughts, promoting you to breathe in new life and let go of stagnation, which relaxes the nervous system.

I've been seeing a chiropractor on and off these past few years, mainly because of the repetitive motion and 'trauma' my body feels while standing doing hair all day in awkward positions. Apparently hair stylists and dentists are the number one candidates for chronic back or neck pain that chiropractors see the most often...wah wah...:(

I've learned from my chiropractor I'm seeing now, that thoughts (negative subconscious thoughts which come from fear), trauma (injuries or enduring bodily stress), and toxins are all precursors for misalignment in the spine. When one gets regular chiropractic care for up to two years, it greatly reduces the inflammation which can lead to a host of many diseases, including cancers! Amazing preventative health care folks! I LOVE eastern approaches to health, and chiropractic care is one of the oldest practices that works on the root of any problem in the body.

Your body tells you a story, and it all starts with your mind. Whatever negative subconscious thoughts you may have, which stem from fear, lead to emotions that we hold on to, which inevitable affect our body. Let Go, Let Go, Leg Go, of what you cannot control. I read in a metaphysical book about healing your back, and also in Louise Haye's book about Healing Your Life, that any back or neck pains come from fear ~ people who feel like they need to have control, or are not trusting in life's process. By saying affirmations, we can reverse this pain though! These are mine:  I affirm: "I trust my soul", and " I am free to express myself." Try that on for size!

Don't be afraid of the 'cracking' associated with adjustments, it's just your body releasing nitrogen, it has nothing to do with your bones or muscles! It is also recommended to take a 5 minute walk afterwards to allow your adjustment to settle. My chiropractor also uses myofascial release techniques with some fancy piece of equipment to relax the tissue around the muscle. There's so much relief there! Why wait another minute of being uncomfortable, or in pain. Don't be afraid, it's so worth it!!!

While getting adjustments and correcting my spine, I'm also taking magnesium supplement which supports the muscular and skeletal system. The brand, CALM is a great powdered version you can mix into your water and take twice a day. He also recommended taking Apple Cider Vinegar regularly to really alkalize the body, and arnica to reduce swelling. Both of which you can buy at a natural food store. Alternating between hot and cold compresses also helps relieve inflammation.

I'm still in the 'corrective care' stage, and am a work in progress, but very hopeful and inspired to pass along this awesome alternative approach to wellness!

If you're in Cape Cod, Dr. VanNatter is great! And if you're in Los Angeles, I recommend Dr. Ash!!

Happy Healing!