Health: Eating Food withOUT FEAR!

PB Boulengerie I cannot believe it, but I have actually arrived to a place in my diet where I am literally just eating whatever I want, whenever I want!!!!! OMG I didn't know this place could actually exist for me!!!

I've seen my mom, my boyfriend, and other friends along the way practice this way, but I didn't think I would be able to reach this place of complete freedom! Wahe Guru!!

I remember reading and journaling along with the book by Marc David, called The Slow Down Diet last summer and thinking, 'wouldn't it be so great if I could reach this place of ebbing and flowing around eating'. In his book he talks about how you cannot place restrictions on yourself because it just sets yourself up for failure, guilt and the endless loop of fear based thoughts surrounding your relationship with food.

I remember one journal prompt that brought me back to a place where I used to love enjoying a good Margarita and eating chips and guacamole. It had been a long time since I had done that when I wrote it down in my sad it is to think that I deprived myself of such joy!

I had the best of intentions when I ventured down the path of self care, and was able to really clean up my diet and health, but I had gotten so far away from the joys and comforts that food used to bring me. (You can read more about my a-ha moment on that matter, here).

Marc David talks about all aspects of our relationship with food, and has created The Psychology of Eating Institute. where he teaches his one of a kind approach to eating! I was so inspired when I first came across him during my 'Macro Mania' (when I used to practice the Macrobiotic diet), that I credit him, and practicing Ayurveda, to helping me soften and evolve around food, where I can now practice moderation, non-deprivation, intuitive eating, and celebration of food, it's source, it's culinary creations and its expression of love!

I'm having so much fun with my new mantra, " When in Rome (or wherever you are)" when it comes to eating now! My boyfriend and I love going out to eat and when we do it's usually at a locally sourced place, with an amazing menu, and a super talented chef, where it's best to try the special, or what they're known for...(hence, when in rome...)

We were at one of our favorites a couple months ago ~ Buca's in Harwich, and I tried a meatball for the first time in years!!! OMG what I had been missing...(when in rome!) And then, the other day, while at a french bistro, I couldn't resist the almond chocolate croissant...when I tell you I think I died and went to heaven, I'm not kidding! This was the baby step I needed for opening myself up to eating dairy again...I had seriously been missing out!!!! But, when in Rome!

I kick myself now for not embracing all the delights of traveling to Barcelona, London and Paris! I was in hard core vegan mode then, and I sure missed out on some cultural culinary delights! But thank God I can now live out my newfound mantra with grace and love, where fear does not live...and boy did I ever while being in Cayman this past New Years!

turtle stew

Get ready for this... I ate all sorts of local goods, including: turtle stew (above pic), breadfruit (a starchy type of fruit-looks like pineapple in the above pic), curried goat (my FAVE!), oxtail, conch crocodile fritters and lion fish. My body and my heart were so happy! It's amazing what the body can assimilate when you relax and enjoy the precious space of eating!'s off to the Azores this week where I will surely be enjoying the culture and cuisines as I raise a glass of locally made wine and say, 'when in Rome' as I eat who knows what!;)

The Local Juice

(Don't worry, I always balance out the indulgences with healthy choices too...I'm not becoming a maniac over here!;)