LifeStyle Lessons: Kicking the Cold to the Curb

Cold Homeopathic remedyLast week I started off having a super sore throat while trying to get to sore that I couldn't swallow, you know that kind?! No fun! I followed my bf's instructions of gulping raw, organic honey, letting it sit in my throat to soothe and to act as a natural anti bacterial. This remedy seemed to keep the sore throat at bay for a few days until I felt all the upper respiratory common cold symptoms come on strong... The sore throat was moving into the chest and I was feeling like my eyes were hot ~ do you know that feeling or is it just me? My friend was laughing when I said that, but it basically just meant that my eyes were getting glassy and, ya know, I was looking like I was under the weather!

By the next day, I had lost my voice and sounded like I was either an 80 year old woman who had smoked packs of cigarettes her whole life, or a little kid who had sucked on a helium balloon...either way it was such a strain to talk and I did not sound cool at all, to say the least! (at first I thought the raspiness was fun, but then it was just weird...)

What a humbling experience to lose your voice ~ the spiritual expression of your soul!

I'm so thankful I feel about 98% better now, and I believe it's because I caught up on much  needed rest! I think my immune system had been compromised due to all my running around this summer, that made me susceptible to catching this cold that seems to be going around...I also reached for my trusty homeopathic, chinese medicine, ayurvedic practices to kick the cold to the curb.

Here's what I did:

Coated my throat by gulping raw, organic honey (preferably Mannuka brand)

Went to Whole Foods to buy black elderberry extract that my bf suggested as an immune booster. I bought lozenges that also included zinc and vitamin c for a little extra cold fighting action and sucked on those twice a day. I also bought Umcka Cold Care to reduce my symptoms as recommended to me from the Whole Foods Helper.

Cold RemedyWhipped up this drink recommended in Dr. Levry's healing book, The Divine Doctor to take before bedtime. Ginger to strengthen the nervous system and kick out the poison, garlic to help with decongestion and also to strengthen the immune system:

2 parts ginger, 1 part black pepper, 5 parts basil leaves, 1/2 garlic clove boiled in almond milk. mmmmmmm!;)

You might think this is strange, but I also did a yoga kriya/meditation set from the Divine Doctor book to help my throat chakra. First meditation sitting with Golden Triangle Mudra (thumb, forefinger and middle finger to touch) touching the throat chakra visualizing light, and sending the intention of love to heal the thyroid gland, taking 3 deep breaths in and out the nose. After that, I did a seed sound meditation for the throat chakra by vibrating the sound THO (sounds like zzzoooh) 7 times, inhaling between vibrating the sound on the long exhale each time. Hands are in prayer pose above the head with arms straight and elbows over the ears. Intention is on the throat center and eyes are closed.

Life Alive

CocobeetI also went to my fave restaurant, Life Alive in Cambridge and ordered their Fire Tonic! All sorts of great ingredients to help with immune support! And my other fave cafe, Cocobeet, generously offered me a power boost once the owner, Onur, heard my voice! A grapefruit juice shot of vitamin c,  filled with turmeric to help with inflammation and immune support, lemon juice, ginger and I think something else, but I can't definitely loosened up the congestion and slowly but surely, I was feeling better.

All of these remedies combined with some sleep helped me keep this cold from getting any worse and avoiding having to use any pharmaceutical drugs! One thing to keep in mind is that whenever we get sick, it's due to an imbalance in the digestive track (where the Pitta Dosha in Ayurveda practices lives). The three things that keep us healthy are our immune system, our digestion and our electromagnetic field.

I rarely get sick, but I am grateful when I do, because it helps me to see what I was doing prior to that so that I can avoid it in the future...I have definitely been eating out more and not cooking for myself as much, which may have affected my digestion, which is my primary dosha in Ayurveda ~ Pitta (the digestive fire) may have been imbalanced and threw everything else my immune system was compromised due to lack of sleep, which is also a sensitivity to Pitta Dosha' happens, but it's nice to get back on track after realizing how not fun being sick is!

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Here's to good health!